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Kani Phonics Academy is an Online & Offline Phonics Educational center in Chennai for Jolly Phonics and Ultimate phoincs program. We offer an internationally recognized and accepted methodology known as Jolly Phonics, We have the vision to provide high-quality education and innovative methods for learning English Language using Phonics. We teach Phonics for kids from 3 to 15 years and giving the jolly phonics teacher training program for adult and we providing the certification after the successful completion of the phonics teacher training programme

What We Teach

  • Jolly phonics Basic level
  • Jolly Phonics Advanced level

Better Future through Play


To offer our learners an enjoyable experience that combines guided learning with the eventualities of becoming independent and productive professionals.


Being a global leader in developing educational programs that enhance learning and create an academic environment that promotes profound self-transformation help all children realize their potential for a better future. We have the vision to provide high-quality education and innovative methods for learning the English Language through phonics.

Early development is fundamental to the growth of your child

Our lives depend on being able to read. There are numerous ways to have fun while reading and to learn more about the world. Additionally, it enables us to exercise our creativity and imagination.

It is common knowledge that literacy is essential in today’s world. As a result, every child must acquire reading and writing skills during their first year of school. Children’s future success depends on their ability to read. Children who cannot read are frequently left behind. The optimal method for teaching literacy to all youngsters is not widely known.

Children are at the centre of Kani Phonics’ attention. We are committed to providing children with a high-quality educational experience, thus we are teaching them English using the renowned Jolly Phonics (UK) programme. We try to foster a love of reading in your youngster. We work hard to instill a love of reading in your kid and to provide them with a warm, encouraging environment in which to do so.