Phonics Teacher Training

Table of Contents

  1. Phonics Teacher Training course Online & Offline
    1. Who is going to provide Phonics Teacher Training course ?
    2. Goals to Achieve by Course
    3. Course Contents
    4. The flow of courses and the sequence
    5. For Whom this course is going to beneficial ?
    6. Duration of Course
    7. Take Away with Course
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: About Phonics Teacher Tranning Course
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Phonics Teacher Training course Online & Offline

A structured synthetic phonics programme called Jolly Phonics is intended to teach kids how to read and write words in a pleasant, multi-sensory way. Instead of teaching children the alphabet, the programme teaches them the 42 English letters. Early on, Jolly Phonics assists young children in developing successful and independent writing and reading skills.

Teachers receive training in phonics and other related subjects through phonics courses. Through these courses, educators learn how to assist children develop their literacy by teaching them how to read and write through phonological exercises. In addition to teaching kids the English language, phonics education for teachers increases teachers’ potential for success in the classroom.

Course Contents

  • 42 letters jingles, stories, action
  • Letter Formation
  • Blendings
  • Idetifying the sounds in words
  • Tricky Words
  • Alternative spelling rules
  • Spelling Rules

Take Away

  • Certificate
    Soft Copies:
  • Phonics Teachers Handbook
  • Flashcards and Worksheets
  • Phonics Books 
  • Small letter formation
  • Finger puppet
  • Dictation sentences
  • Reading phrases 
  • Alternative spelling list
  • Tricky words list